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The Windup Girl

The Windup Girl - Paolo Bacigalupi, Jonathan Davis I wanted to like this book more than I ended up liking it. At first I was smitten. Loved the setting, the narrator was great (I listened to the audio version), and I was genuinely interested in the resolution of the plot.As the book progressed though, it was clear the writing was so-so. It didn't grab me, there were awkward sentences, flat and/or repetitive word choices. I also discovered that although I was very interested to know how the plot lines would resolve themselves, I was not particularly interested in the fates of the characters on a personal level. A little bit, but who lived and died and if they lived what their disposition were simply not things with which I was overly concerned.So, like a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, I view this book as another combination of great setting and a good story but with so-so writing and weak characters. Easy to appreciate on an intellectual level, but not much going on at the emotional one.