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Bram Stoker's Dracula

Dracula - Bram Stoker, Fernando Fernández This is, of course, the seminal book of the vampire subgenre, and in that sense any fan of vampire fiction, and probably most horror fans, should give it a read.It's an epistolary novel, using diary entries, newspaper articles, and telegrams from, by and about the half a dozen or so major characters to tell the tale. (I was unaware of until reading it.) The problem with this, at least in Stoker's case, is that one never really manages a deep connection to the characters. Granted the format makes building that connection difficult, but I have read epistolary novels that have managed it.Additionally, Stoker's attempt to keep the entries more 'real' (I can't think of better way to say it, and it may not have been a conscious effort in any event) mean there is a great deal of extraneous information which bogs down his already pretty average prose.Without the presence of its historical significance it's unlikely I'd recommend this novel, but because it is so influential and important I do, with caveats related to the pacing and format mentioned above.